Holiday Greetings!

We wish you health and happiness as we celebrate this season and move toward 2020.

     We love Shell Point more every day that passes. This is an amazing concept even if you’re not as old as we. It’s a very rich environment of lectures, activities, sports, concerts, wonderful dining, superb health and rehab facilities, social events, intellectual pursuits, and so much more. The people we have met are lovely!

     We both do some volunteering, everyone here does. Harold is tutoring on the iPad twice a week. He’s also the courtyard representative for 47 apartments and has a garden plot that’s thriving and a radio-controlled model sail boat he sails with friends. I volunteer at the gift shop (which sells the baby sweaters I make) once a week and once a month I read a portion of Shell Point Life  for broadcast to the visually impaired. Of course, the weather, blooming plants, palms, and location just add to our good life. We see manatees and dolphins from our lanai!

     Our families are well, happy, and successful. A bit of very happy news is that Beth and Peter have bought a home near us in Fort Myers and we will see them often when they are in town. 

     Our grandkids are reaching milestones as they graduate from high school and college in the near future. We will take those opportunities to return to New England for graduation ceremonies and perhaps spend some added time as well.

     We look forward to you coming by this winter for a visit.

     Our sincere wish for health and love in the New Year,

                                      Wilma and Harold

We were interviewed for Shell Point Life and were surprised to be on the cover!

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