Farm Security: Online Resources



(Website providing information about effective disinfectants and cleaning protocols from the Center for Food Security and Public Safety at Iowa State University)


Equine Disease Communication Center

(Website distributing information about equine diseases and outbreaks sponsored by the American Association of Equine Practitioners)


USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: Equine Diseases page


Fire Safety

Barn Fire Safety Checklist

(Downloadable PDF listing barn fire prevention and safety strategies from the National Fire Protection Association)


Fire Safety in Horse Stables

(Printable website providing information and tips about fire safety in horse facilities by the PennState Extension Service)


General Farm Security Resources

Farm Security Checklist

(interactive online checklist from US Cooperative Extension)


Cooperative Extension Farm Security Online Course

(Interactive online course from US Cooperative Extension)


Rural Security Planning: Protecting Family, Friends, and Farm

(Website from the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service)


Identification & Registration of Horses and Property

How to Take Good Identification Photos (of your horse)

(Web page with sample photos from The Jockey Club)


Horse Identification Form

(downloadable PDF from The Horse magazine)

A one-page form you can use to keep track of your horse’s identifying traits and owner contact info


Stolen Horse International

(aka – website providing a combination of free and paid services to prevent horse theft and recover lost horses)


Microchip ID Equine Protection Registry

(Website of Microchip ID Equine Division)


American Horse Council Microchip Resources and Look-Up

(Website providing microchip information and look-up registry from American Horse Council)


US National Property Registry

(Website offering property registration on theft reporting)



Signs You Might Need to Post at Your Horse Facility

(article from The Horse magazine)



(Website listing types of nuisance wildlife by state and offering details about types of nuisance wildlife, information about wildlife laws, and suggestions for management and control, presented by various government wildlife management agencies)

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